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Mediterranean Costal Marine Environment Digital Library

Actually this project focuses upon marine biology, marine microbiology, oceanography and marine chemistry applied to marine pollution monitoring documents preserved at the Istituto Talassografico “A.Cerruti” (IAMC-CNR, Taranto, Italy).

This DL provides bibliographic information, full-text documents, including many types of documents: technical reports, proceedings, pre-prints, theses, published documents (taking into account the actual copyright legislation), analytical data, bibliographies, maps, etc.

Hosted by the Server at the Information Science and Technologies Institute (ISTI) of the National Research Council (CNR) in Pisa, MeCME-DL is a “personalized” edition of the system ETRDL (ERCIM Technical Reference Digital Library).

The system is based upon RFC 1807 metadata (Dublin Core mapping) and Dienst Protocol. The new Digital Library Service System “Open Dlib”. developed by ISTI-CNR, is going to substitute this system.

MeCME-DL is remarkable for its subject content, having three-fold semantic descriptors (free key-words, ASFA thesaurus, LC classification) and allowing information search and retrieval by different types of users, specialized in marine biology, oceanography and environmental pollution monitoring.

MECME has been built following the example and prototype pattern of the Vallisneri Library. Its main frame as a self publishing digital library has been based upon LVDL -LAGUNA DI VENEZIA DIGITAL LIBRARY, which covers up similar fields of interest.


Information Science and Technologies Institute “A.Faedo” (ISTI) CNR, Pisa, Italy

Marine Costal Environment Institute (IAMC) CNR, Istituto Talassografico “ A. Cerruti”, Taranto, Italy.


Maria Filippi (project coordinator)-IAMC-CNR, Taranto, I,
Stefania Biagioni (ETRDL project coordinator)-ISTI-CNR,Pisa,I,
Carlo Carlesi (system administrator)-ISTI-CNR-Pisa

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To get in touch with MeCME-DL and OPAC Prototype please e-mail to:


MeCME Digital Library Library
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